Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Soros Money Used to Attack Governor Sarah Palin

NOTE: This article was originally published on a different site. Both the article and the writer have been removed from that site involuntarily. I do, however, understand the reasons for it, and I expected it.

I think it is important for the writing to be read; therefore, I am posting it here.

Governor Sarah Palin’s resignation speech of July 3, 2008, along with the reasons she provided, were obviously exactly what the Palin supporters wanted to hear. When the funding report for Palin’s SarahPAC was filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), the Anchorage Daily News (ADN) reported that through June 30, the political action fund had received almost $733,000 in donations since being established roughly six months ago. Meg Stapleton, SarahPAC spokesperson, added that since the resignation announcement, another $200,000 has been received.

Following her announcement in early July, Governor Palin began speaking out about the injustice she sees with Mr. Obama’s new policies for America. One of the areas in which the knowledge and wisdom of Sarah Palin should have special attention paid is her expertise in the field of energy. She wrote an op-ed piece which appeared in the Washington Post on July 14, 2009. She correctly pointed out the short-comings of the cap-and-trade bill Mr. Obama has pushed so secretively to the American people using his Democrat – controlled Congress.

On a day when Andree McLeod filed yet another ethics charge (number 20, if you’re counting), CNN is now reporting that has begun sending e-mails to its members asking them to fund a response ad “blasting Palin’s new Washington Post op-ed.” is trying to make the supporters of Governor Palin believe that her article was “a marvel of misinformation and outright lies.” Her supporters, of course, will not believe this effort to smear Governor Palin’s wealth of knowledge in this area, but rest assured this is nothing more than another George Soros attack.

George Soros is the “pocket” the money is coming from to fund the Democratic Party attacks on Governor Palin, and he has plenty of it to dole out. is just one of the many front organizations allowing him to more securely implant Socialism into America. His OSI (Open Society Institute) is the manner he uses to fund all of his puppet organizations, only one of which is the Democratic Party.

He and his “institutes” and “organizations” provided the money that has been used in every effort to belittle Governor Palin. ACORN, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, is also behind the voter fraud that occurred during the presidential election of 2008 in various states, and he had the money to dissuade the states involved from pursuing the illegalities in a court of law where they should have been taken for criminal prosecution.

There have been times when it is painfully obvious that George Soros is behind all of these efforts. Such was the case in the CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) attempt to dissuade the positive public opinion of Governor Palin as they sought an FOIA in the Troopergate matter as well as the formal complaint they filed with the Federal Elections Commission in regards to the clothing purchased for her and her family by the Republican National Committee.

The previously mentioned ACORN involvement in the Democratic Party, LaRaza and Supreme Court appointee Sotomayer, and this newest effort are also obvious attempts by George Soros to bring this coup against our Democracy and convert it to Socialism.

The fact that he “owns” the Democratic Party by the very donations that he makes both personally and through his front groups directly involves him in the attempts to ruin, both politically and personally, Governor Sarah Palin. His goal of a Socialist America is directly threatened by her and her supporters from grass-roots America. He knows that as long as she is speaking out, people will listen. He recognizes that the best way to halt her progress is to provide reasons to doubt her veracity.

What he hasn’t counted on is that the American people are not excited about having strings attached to our arms and legs and manipulated to do his bidding. Many of the American people are not, that is, because it does appear that the Democrats in America are willing. So far, they’ve been doing his bidding with what must be considered, by Soros, as disastrous results.

This latest attempt will end the same way.

Part of the methodology George Soros uses behind the scenes is known as the “Cloward –Piven” strategy. Cloward-Piven is a strategy for forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. (See The Cloward-Piven Strategy to implement socialist revolution: as well as the following sources:,

First proposed in 1966 by Columbia University political scientists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, the initial plan was to bankrupt the welfare system in America and introduce what could be considered as a radical change in replacing it. The main idea is to use a strategy of introducing crises.

The Cloward-Piven approach in this instance called for the welfare rolls to be swamped with new applications which would result in economic collapse leading to political turmoil and ultimately to Socialism.

The welfare crisis that bankrupted New York City in 1975 was the result of the use of this strategy by The National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO), founded by African-American militant George Alvin Wiley.

From the NWRO grew new movements such as the Living Wage Movement and the Voting Rights Movement, both of which are reliant upon ACORN, a George Soros front-group, depending heavily upon the financial support from another George Soros front-group, Open Society Institute.

The Cloward-Piven plan uses “aggressive community organizers” to create a crisis of militancy. Intimidated by violence, politicians would appeal to the federal government for assistance in handling the “crisis” through carefully orchestrated media campaigns by leftwing journalists to introduce a federal program of income redistribution much like Mr. Obama’s “share the wealth” plan during his presidential campaign.

Although the goal of the Cloward-Piven strategy itself was a Marxist society, George Soros has adopted it to his ideas of Socialism, put it to work in the Democratic Party, and with his careful honing of some of the “rough spots” made it into a much more efficient weapon against the American people than the original developers could have hoped.

This is the strategy George Soros is using against Governor Sarah Palin. It can be seen in the fact that as this article is written, twenty ethics complaints have been filed in Alaska by Alaskans who have been “bought and paid for” by the George Soros-funded and Cloward-Pivens Strategy-driven Alaska Democratic Party. It is the same strategy Soros has used and is using to force Socialism on the American people using one of his puppets, Barack Obama.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Life is good in Middle America. We’re finally seeing some results from our labors, and it warms the heart of this Conservative.

You’ve heard, I’m sure, about the heat being turned up on the Alaska Bloggers who have been giving Governor Sarah Palin such grief since the George Soros-driven political machine started handing our their talking points and action plans using the guise of the Democrat Party to support “change in America”.

You are, no doubt, rapidly becoming aware that this change is one from Democracy to Socialism. You have seen it in blogs and articles on the Internet for weeks now. You probably even tried to ignore it by saying that those of us who espoused such “drivel” were “radical right-wingers” who were way off base.

You may have even listened a little to the Liberal response saying that we were trying to spread lies to the American people. You may even have been paying attention to the so-called conservatives who think we’re right but handling the situation incorrectly by fighting back. We should sit quietly and let the Liberal machine tell us what to do, when to do it and what to think about it while we sit around and be “good little citizens” and try to talk sense into our “elected government representatives.”

I have one question for those conservatives – just who is it that you think is going to listen to us if we “calmly” watch as our government is eroded, our Constitution is ripped apart at the seams and our nation has been handed on a silver platter to people who want to run us rather than rule us? Our “elected government representatives” are out-numbered, out-gunned, and out-maneuvered.

The truth is that we have learned how to play their game. That’s the part that makes them so angry. We figured out what they’re planning, and we decided to turn the tables. Saul Alinsky and his “Rules for Radicals” work just as well for us as they do for them, and they can’t stand the heat. My suggestion to them is simple as well as old-fashioned from a very Conservative viewpoint – “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!”

We have watched the so-called stimulus plan steal our jobs and rob our incomes. We have seen our nation losing respect on the world stage as the leader of the nations. We have seen UN troops on our own soil, and we have seen our elderly and disabled citizens being promised that we will be “counseled” on how to die with dignity.

We need to know this because we will no longer be given access to medical care for our aging ailments and diseases. We will not be able to receive the medications we require to ease our pain or allow us to be as constructive as possible as we wait for God’s timing. Quality of life means nothing anymore. This “Socialist Change” will now not only tell us how and when to live our lives, but also how and when we will die.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Now, they want us to let them know the names of those of us who oppose the stimulus plan, the proposed death-care plan being forced upon us using the name “health-care plan” and any other policies or “necessary laws, rules and restrictions” the Liberals and their wonderful president think are best for our country and our citizens. They want our friends and relatives to send them our names and addresses. What are they going to do? Come to our homes, drag us out by the roots of our hair and throw us under the jail? Don’t laugh – it could happen.

I know this is not what you usually expect to hear from me. This isn’t a “this is who they are and this is what they’re doing” article. This is just plain me being fed up with my situation and doing what I can to change it and make a difference in my own life as well as yours. God has provided for me just fine for all of my 59+ years, and He will continue to do so until He decides otherwise. In the meantime, Obama, you and your Chicago-style, political machine gunners, Nazi-like, Facist, Communistic followers can just come get me.

God gave me a voice and a means to use it. I pledge to my nation and my Constitution that I will go down fighting. I promise to use my words to expose what I can and support those who agree for as long as God gives me breath. Man will not end my life – God will – in His own time and in His own way!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


A woman is entitled to change her mind, so I'm changing mine. I have decided not to close this site after all. I'll use it to post some of my other writings. In the past, I had reserved this space to rant about the "famous blogger" who is really in some deep trouble now. The latest chapter includes a video, which I refer to as The Emperor's Video, about the Democrat's plot, the one including Famous Blogger, to attack Governor Sarah Palin. I'll save those details for others to write about. The Emperor's Video seems to go hand-in-hand with some of the articles I had written and published to a different site. I am going to re-post those articles here. They will all contain the disclaimer below:

NOTE: This article was originally published on a different site. Both the article and the writer have been removed from that site involuntarily. I do, however, understand the reasons for it, and I expected it.

I think it is important for the writing to be read; therefore, I am posting it here.


NOTE: This article was originally published on a different site. Both the article and the writer have been removed from that site involuntarily. I do, however, understand the reasons for it, and I expected it.

I think it is important for the writing to be read; therefore, I am posting it here.

On August 29, 2008, when Senator and presumptive Republican Nominee for President of the United States made the announcement of his choice to serve as his Vice President should he be elected, many people, including this writer, said, “Who did he say? Who is she?” The Alaska Democratic Party must have immediately reached for their phones to call the DNC headquarters to say, “Watch out for this one! She could steal this whole show!”

Why would they feel that way? Simple; they knew that she would shake up “politics as usual” in the campaign and could feasibly garner enough support to place Senator John McCain in the White House and herself as President of the Senate.

The wheels inside the heads of the Democratic Party leaders were spinning out of control. They had to stop this woman; but how? The normal “look at the record” wouldn’t hold water with this successful and highly popular Governor because she had been successful as a small-tow mayor and in her first year as Governor of Alaska.

She took office on December 4, 2006, the youngest and first woman Governor in Alaska’s history of Statehood beginning on January 3, 1959, when President of the United State, Dwight D. Eisenhower, signed the official declaration.

She got to work right away doing what she has done since her inauguration; working to insure that Alaskans were receiving the best possible representation at all levels of Alaskan government. She replaced 2 last minute board appointments her predecessor had made to the ANGDA (Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority) with Alaskans who she said would provide “objectivity and new energy” to the board.

Calling the purchase impractical and unwise (for reasons including the requirement of long, paved runways), the Governor ordered the Department of Public Safety Commissioner, Walt Monegan, to place the jet purchased by former Governor Murkowski for sale on eBay.

She directed the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities to terminate the construction contract for an 11-mile stretch of one-lane road to begin the Lynn Canal Highway stating that this one-lane road would not serve the best interest of Alaska and Alaskans.

In December of 2007, Governor Palin petitioned the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protections to reconsider its interpretation of a maritime law (written in 1886) which could damage the Alaskan tourism industry by requiring cruise ships between the U.S. West Coast and Hawaii to spend at least half as much time in foreign ports as they did in all U.S. ports of call. This, in Governor Palin’s view would force cruise lines to significantly reduce the amount of time they were allowed to spend in Alaska ports with the end result being that hundred of millions of dollars a year would be removed from the Alaska economy.

Governor Palin released her budget for fiscal year 2008 with the following budget priorities:
• Fully funded K-12 education foundation formula including $35 million appropriated by the past year’s Legislature and adding an additional $200 million to cover increased retirement costs.

• Reinstated the longevity bonus for seniors who had been prematurely cut from the program.

• Funding to assist local governments and provided full funding for Power Cost Equalization

• Increased Alaska Public Office Commission (APOC) enabling an investigator to be hired.

• Repeal of the studded tire tax

• Saved money toward Alaska’s future.

• Proposed to deposit Fiscal Year 2007 and 2008 surplus into the constitutional Budget Reserve.

• Proposed to deposit $1.3 billion from the Permanent Fund Earnings Reserve into the overall Permanent Fund.

Although she may have disagreed personally, Governor Palin followed the dictates of the Alaska Constitution as interpreted by the Supreme Court by signing HB4002 providing for same-sex benefits.

The governor vetoed HB4001 which would have been unconstitutional in light of HB4002.

Then she prepared for her second month in office.

This is the candidate the Democratic Party feared in the election of 2008. It appears from accomplishments merely in her first month in office that they were justified in feeling this way.

The Democrat National Committee (DNC) found a way to oppose her by providing money donated by Democratic supporters to the Alaska Democratic Party to be used to promote Democratic candidates for office in Alaska as well as mount an unprecedented campaign of negativity towards Governor Palin, including Obama’s Mythbusters discussed previously by this author. (See OBAMA’S MYTHBUSTERS,posted elsewhere on this site.

As mentioned in the previous article, from the time period from February 7, 2007 – December 19, 2007, $49,784.00 was added to the Alaska Democratic Party coffers by the DNC. From January 3, 2008 – December 23, 2008, the amount increased substantially to $2,443,633.00 with almost half that amount, $1,075,252.00, coming from August 29, 2008 – November 30, 2008.

I selected four states randomly, Montana, Ohio, California and Texas, for comparison purposes.

Montana Democrats received the following amounts:
February 6, 2007 – November 5, 2007 - $ 41,361.00
January 3, 2008 – December 20, 2008 - $1,290,986.00
August 29, 2008 – October 25, 2008 - $ 921,585.00

Ohio received increases for approximately the same time periods as Montana:
January 25, 2007 – December 29, 2007 - $ 275,549.00
January 3, 2008 – December 23, 2008 - $10,078,446.00
August 29, 2008 – December 23, 2008 - $ 7,407,882.00

California, a typically Democrat state, tallied this way:
February 26, 2007 – November 5, 2007 - $180,852.00
January 3, 2008 – December 20, 2008 - $354,422.00
August 29, 2008 – December 20, 2008 - $271,692.00

Texas, normally a Republican stronghold, records these amounts:
February 7, 2007 – December 4, 2007 - $149,887.00
February 5, 2008 – December 9, 2008 - $897,124.00
August 29, 2008 – December 9, 2008- $743,867.00

Once again, let’s view Alaska’s DNC participation:
February 7, 2007 – December 19, 2007 - $ 49,784.00
January 3, 2008 – December 23, 2008 - $2,443,633.00
August 29, 2008 – November 30, 2008 - $1,075.252.00

In conclusion, we must ask if an expected increase in funding for the Presidential election will account for the percentage of the yearly amounts for 2008 being provided by the DNC to these five states alone being as large as they are for the time period following Governor Palin’s selection. (Montana – 71%; Ohio – 73%; California – 76%; Texas – 82%; Alaska – 44%)

During the Congressional Election of 2008, Alaska had only two viable Democrat candidates seeking office. One was Mark Begich, seeking (and successful) in vying for the U.S. Senate seat held by Senator Ted Stevens; the other was the unsuccessful campaign of Democrat Ethan Berkowitz opposing Republican Don Young (incumbent) for Alaska’s District 01 seat.

Are we expected to believe that all of the $1,075,252.00 that Alaska accounts for from the DNC went to these two candidates alone? Each of the two candidates seemed to have done just fine raising money on their own. That returns us to the question that continues to remain unanswered: How much of this money has been paid to Democratic operatives for continued and unceasing attacks including the 16 ethics charges which have been brought against Governor Sarah Palin since her introduction as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate?


NOTE: This article was originally published on a different site. Both the article and the writer have been removed from that site involuntarily. I do, however, understand the reasons for it, and I expected it.

I think it is important for the writing to be read; therefore, I am posting it here.

Ethics charges numbers 18 and 19 have now been filed against Governor Sarah Palin; the first two to be filed after her resignation announcement. Still, the media is wondering why! That fact astounds me. When will they “get it”? At the rate of two new filings per week, they still have time for seven more before her resignation becomes effective.

Zane Henning filed his second charge against Governor Palin on July 6 alleging that Governor Palin violates the state’s ethics law by collecting a per diem when she stays in her Wasilla home instead of the Governor's Mansion in Juneau. This is a matter that has already been questioned by others and answered by Governor Palin by once again doing something that wasn’t required of her by repaying a large portion of the per diem allowed to her by Alaska law.

July 10 was the filing date for Ray Ward. He charges that Governor Palin has been paid for radio and television interviews dating back to just after she lost her vice-presidential bid. This has already been denounced by Governor Palin’s defense attorney, Thomas Van Flein.

The question remains, “Where are all these charges coming from, and why are the only ethics charges being filed against just one politician, Governor Sarah Palin?”

All 19 of these filings (only three of which were made prior to August 29, 2008, when Governor Palin became the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate) have been the direct result of manipulation from the Democratic National Party and Barack Obama. The reason seems very clear: the Democrats are frightened to death of the power this woman wields with the people of America.

From February 7, 2007 - December 19, 2007, the Democratic National Party (DNC) provided for the use of the Alaska Democrat Party (ADP) $49,784.00. Even though 2008 was a Presidential election year, I can't justify the $2,443,633.00 the DNC gave to the ADP from January 3, 2008 - December 23, 2008. The picture, however, becomes crystal clear when, covering the period from August 29, 2008 - November30, 2008, almost one-half of the total amount for the year, $1,075,252.00, was sent to Alaska to defend against the one candidate they saw as a real threat; Governor Sarah Palin.

During the campaign of 2008, the Democratic Party under the direction of their candidate, Barack Obama, created an organization of Alaskans to investigate, attack and demean the opposition candidate that they deemed the most likely to create problems for them: Governor Sarah Palin, Republican Vice Presidential candidate. Mr. Obama called this organization Alaska Mythbusters. With over $1,000,000 at their disposal, the task would be an easy one.

Leading the way were former Governor Tony Knowles and Ketchikan Mayor Bob Weinstein. They planned to “bust the myths” about the Governor’s claims of opposing wasteful spending by claiming such things as the recent resurging argument that she was being investigated by the FBI for her activities involving the building of a sports complex in Wasilla, Governor Palin’s hometown. The FBI immediately made a statement that this rumor is not and has never been true. This statement said that Governor Palin “is not now and has never been under investigation.”

The announcement of the Mythbusters came on September 10, 2008 from CBS News’ Maria Gavrilovic. She reported that Knowles and Weinstein would be hosting a conference call with reporters to discuss Palin’s record.

A transcript of that conference call appeared on the website of one of the Governor’s most prolific detractors, Linda Kellen Biegel.

Among the items discussed were Troopergate, The Bridge to Nowhere, and other earmarks. It was obvious to the supporters of Governor Palin that this was to be a major “smear tactic” used throughout the Presidential Campaign, yet the one thing that went without response was the question about why Obama, the Presidential candidate, and the Democrats were targeting Governor Palin, the VICE Presidential candidate.

As mentioned earlier, it was clearly because they felt that Governor Palin was the only candidate who could provide a legitimate threat to their own campaign. They surely recognized immediately that she wasn’t “politics as usual” and had no intention whatsoever of “playing that game.”

Obama and the Democrats have not attempted to stop the Mythbusters. Through them, willing Alaskans have been used to carry out their goals – to investigate, attack and demean the one politician in the United States who can destroy their goal of turning our Democracy into a totally Socialistic State.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Deviating from the Norm for Today

Today, instead of questioning the fine arts of gardening and how it applies to Governor Palin, I came across an article that I want to be sure everyone who reads this will see. It's a very well-researched article about who was really behind the charge to the FEC brought by CREW, a George Soros entity, against Governor Sarah Palin and the RNC.

I have always had my own theory about who brought the complaint and why, but I didn't suspect it went this far into one single person. This one person, George Soros, wields entirely too much power if he is able to use mere money to fund puppet organizations who jump when he says jump. This is a travesty, and as an American, I hope this is not the last time I read something like this.

Before we begin, let me give you just a tiny bit of info about CREW itself.

CREW's ultimate purpose is to use "the rule of law to bring about constructive social change" in a manner the organization likens to the 1960s civil rights movement. The "social change" sought by CREW is the transformation of America into a nation that more fully embraces leftist values and policies. Toward this end, CREW strives to discredit conservatives and Republicans it deems vulnerable to attack, with the objective of decreasing their numbers in political offices nationwide. Thus the overwhelming majority of the public officials targeted by CREW are Republicans. In September 2006, the organization issued a 241-page report -- titled "Beyond [Tom] Delay: The 20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress" -- which named 17 Republicans and three Democrats. The report further listed five "Dishonorable Mentions" -- four Republicans and one Democrat. A similar disproportion has marked the political contributions made by CREW's Board members and staffers in recent years. Between 1995 and 2004, those individuals contributed $125,245 to Democrats and $16,013 to Republicans.

Citing the existence of conservative legal advocacy groups like Judicial Watch, the Rutherford Institute, and the National Legal and Policy Center, CREW says: "Conservative groups such as these have no real parallel in the progressive arena." While acknowledging that there are numerous leftist groups that focus on research and legislation, CREW states that such organizations "do not use litigation to target outrageous conduct." This is the niche that CREW has carved out for itself.

I have received permission from the author to reprint part of that story here. My thanks to Mr. Jackson for this permission:

"This is what happened: The GOP and a man named Jeff Larson, who is a longtime Republican advisor, and was the chief executive of the host committee for the convention, decided the wardrobe was a good idea. It was Jeff Larson who bought and paid for the clothes. Campaign finance laws, of course, dictated that the GOP reimburse Larson for his expenditure, and they did.

What the critics of Governor Palin, who just wouldn’t let this go and sought to portray her as a "shopaholic," missed is the fact that most of the wardrobe purchased was actually sent back almost immediately, because they were the wrong size, indicating the Governor didn’t do the shopping. Most people know what sizes they wear.

But why was this even a story, let alone a 24/7 circus?

Two words, George Soros!

For those who don’t know who George Soros is, think Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the super villain from the James Bond movies, or if you will, a less endearing version of Mike Meyer’s "Dr Evil".

Soros is an Eastern European socialist who made billions of dollars through currency and commodities speculation. He is credited with the serious devaluation of the British pound note back in 1992. He is said to be the man who "broke the Bank of England."In 2002, Soros was convicted of insider trading in France, a felony, and fined $2.3 million dollars.

Recently, Soros was quoted as being very pleased with the current economic situation in America. Could it be that he is speculating on the American dollar?

The way Soros works, in my opinion, is a bit nefarious – at best. Rather than be out front and advocate his socialist policies, Soros funds dozens of far-left front groups; some with innocent enough sounding names, but, based on my research, these groups promote left-leaning schemes, nonetheless.

These groups and foundations support everything from open borders, to the legalization of most drugs, to abortion on demand. George Soros’ funded "programs" also promote the liberal agenda being taught in schools.

Some of Mr. Soros' endeavors include:, The Open Society Institute, USAction, Center For American Progress, Americans United For Change, and many more, including Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

CREW is the group who filed the clothes complaint against Governor Palin, and, in conjunction with Soros’ many activist organizations, as well as "friends" in the media, kept the story going well past its normal shelf life.

CREW is a shadowy group. Depending on the source, you will find that CREW was either founded in 2001 by left-wing activists Norm Eisen (an attorney) and Louis Mayberg (a prominent Democrat donor, and co-founder of the Maryland-based mutual fund management firm ProFund Advisors LLC).


CREW was founded by Melanie Sloan, in 2003. Ms. Sloan is listed as the Executive Director on CREW's website. As you see, she references 2003. "CREW was founded in 2003 by Melanie Sloan, a former U.S. Attorney."

CREW's "Form 990" IRS filing for 2001 lists Mr. Mayberg as one of its three Founding Directors; the other two are Daniel Berger (a high-profile Democrat donor who in 2004 made a $100,000 contribution to America Coming Together, another Soros-funded entity) and Mark Penn (a fellow at the New Politics Institute, yet another Soros foundation, and a top Democrat strategist and pollster who not only played a key role in Bill Clinton's 1996 presidential campaign, but also served as head of "message and strategy" for Hillary Clinton's 2000 Senate campaign)

Although CREW denies any ties to George Soros, they indeed receive funds from the Democracy Alliance, the Tides Foundation, as well as the Open Society Institute – all Soros front groups.

CREW seeks to construe itself as "non-partisan," however, most of their efforts target Republicans.

This group is not exempt from its own ethical quagmires: One issue involves an ethics complaint filed against The Center for Union Facts, an anti-union group, and its sister organization, the Center for Consumer Freedom, which CREW claimed are "front organizations for for-profit industry entities."

The problem is that it appears this effort was funded by the Service Employees International Union; a group with heavy. ties to ACORN and to Soros himself in the form of contributions amounting to $75,000.

Perhaps CREW should take a good look inside its closet before filing unwarranted claims about someone else’s wardrobe.

Back to the issue at hand: like every other resolved ethics complaint filed by the unruly left against Governor Palin, this clothing ethics complaint filed with the FEC by CREW was shot down: the FEC ruled that no laws were broken.

Upon investigation, it appears that CREW prefers filing ethics complaints over actually litigating them. In fact, CREW actually changed its mission statement several times, pointedly de-emphasizing litigation.

CREW's main purpose seems to be to file ethics complaints against a prominent, high profile target with the primary intention of seeking negative media exposure as opposed to pursuing real issues.

The "target" is marked for attack; CREW gains its destructive publicity, and then moves on to the next target. What is the purpose of this strategy if there is no successful prosecution of claims? CREW knows that the charges will be plastered on the front page of every newspaper and will be the lead story on every news channel, coast to coast, for days or even months. Of course, when the charges are thrown out, that little bit of news gets buried in a tiny blurb, deep in the newspaper, on page A18.

This has most certainly been the strategy used against Governor Palin. Numerous phony, and, sometimes, almost comical "ethics complaints" have been filed against Governor Palin since she has become a national figure and the front runner for the 2012 Republican nomination for President.

The filing of these nonsensical complaints (13 of which have been thrown out), made huge headlines nationwide, and yet little, if any, news coverage has been devoted to their resolutions.

Finally, it’s been established that George Soros is a committed socialist. It is very troubling that such a rich man can use his wealth for such un-American activities; and it is even more troubling to see many Americans either unaware or unconcerned while these anti-American actions take place.

Americans can and should hold public officials accountable for their actions. However, it’s unethical (and an oxymoron) for groups like CREW to use a valid legal procedure to damage careers and harass their political targets with phony ethics charges and feigned outrage."

Admittedly, the story could have used a little professional editing, but the content is an absolute block-buster! This is atrocious!

I've seen many things on the Internet lately about the Socialism of America, and now I see exactly how it happened while America looked on and did nothing to stop it from it's very beginning. The ties between George Soros, barrack obama (intentionally uncapitalized because I have no respect for him), and other nefarious individuals is out there and easily located if only Americans will take notice. We MUST take notice! We must stop this ill-intentioned effort now before it is allowed to destroy even more of our country!